A key part of life

In this day and age, our mobile phones are our lifelines. We use them for work and for play, to stay in contact with friends and family, and to monitor our fitness, to read, to listen to music... they are simply indispensable! Which is why we all have several chargers – so there's always one to hand ready to plug in to any available socket in an emergency. But sometimes the sheer number of mobile chargers can cause problems...

Too many wires, too little time...

Are you fed up of constantly rummaging through wires trying to find the charger that fits your current model of phone? That will soon be a thing of the past. The tech of tomorrow is all wireless. And we love it! All you have to do is place your mobile phone on the wireless charging pad and leave it there. What's more, a wireless charging pad has enough space to charge two mobile phones, or your mobile phone and Fitbit. So there's no need to run around the house looking for free sockets.

Don't get all wired up

And if your smartphone is a bit more old-school, like the Google Pixel 2, and doesn't yet support wireless chargers, you can buy a special replacement back or a case that enables wireless charging so you don't have to be left behind in the wireless revolution. The range of wireless chargers on offer at AliExpress all support the Qi wireless charger standard, making them more versatile and suitable for all kinds of brands and models. And the best thing about wireless chargers? No wear and tear! Frequent damage to both your phone and the charger will be a thing of the past, as there's no longer any need to pull plugs in and out of sockets.

Stand and deliver

The best wireless chargers available at AliExpress are the chargers that give you options. We have a panoply of Android wireless chargers and Apple wireless chargers, including Samsung wireless chargers and iPhone wireless chargers. Many of them are available as pads with a built-in stand so you can continue to use your mobile phone while it's charging. There are even wireless charger cases that you can slide onto the back of your smartphone so that it can charge while you're out and on the go.

What's the charge?

The price of wireless chargers varies considerably – like every other bit of tech out there, there are high-end options, low-end options, and pretty much everything else you can possibly imagine in between. But with fast wireless chargers starting from just $3.99 there's no price to pay when you jump on this bandwagon. Just the great benefits of increased durability and ease of access. After all, how many times have you grabbed your phone in a rush, only to accidentally yank the charger out of the wall as you'd forgotten to unplug it?! The discrete LED indicators show when your phone is ready to go so you don't have to worry about whether or not it needs a few more minutes to charge; you can tell at a glance that it's fully loaded.

Only connect

In today’s connected world our mobiles are constantly with us: helping us to make plans, organize our schedules, find the information we need, and keep us in touch with our social and professional networks. So maybe it's time you made sure you have everything you need to keep your phone powered and connected to the wider world. Stop getting in a tangle – join the wireless revolution now!