Pants aren’t just ‘pants’; they complete your look, be it for a day at the office, a casual walk in the park or a weekend brunch with friends at the nearby café. What’s even better is that they come in all sorts of cuts and textures, resulting in different twists for your OOTD! Before you throw us a sceptic look, take a look at these four styles and see if we’ve proven you wrong.


Structured with woven ridges, this luxurious fabric protects you from frosty bites and perhaps cool summer nights. Contrary to common assumption, this fabric wears and tears particularly well due to its thickness, so even if you’re headed out to the outdoors for a spontaneous walk, you’ll be fine. On the other hand, corduroy can also be worn casually with a sweatshirt that would still look classy enough for a get-together at the whiskey bar.


Sometimes mistaken to be the same as khakis, fitted chinos are skimp the body and are made in a variety of colors. Plus, the additional sheen and narrow cut gives a slightly more formal look than jeans but still let out more informality than dress pants. Once you tuck in a lightweight shirt with a woven belt wrapped around the waist, you’re good to go!


Athleisure wear has been making waves in the fashion scene, and rightly so! Made with the comfort of original jogging pants but integrated with the look of contemporary work trousers, a gentleman can easily transition from a sporty look to a casual urban look within seconds. Cuffed at the bottom, joggers would make white lace-up trainers stand out easily and a bomber jacket on top would give your fashion game a boost.


Once upon a time, it was somewhat army property, but now cargo trousers have evolved into fashion statements that we never imagined possible. Often found in forestry green, these pants always become an easy favorite because of the amazing side pockets! However, we wouldn’t advise clocking into work with cargo pants on, but a pairing with an Oxford shirt is always welcomed.