Almost everyone wears it and it’s the most important – yet hidden – part of your outfit. You know what we’re talking about — it’s your underwear. What was once a taboo topic is now one of the most celebrated and talked about article of clothing to date. Swept across social media and fashion blogs, this former hush-hush piece has also strut down high-fashion runways and splashed across countless magazine pages.

The Fit: High-waists & control tops

Choose a high-waist panty that’ll provide mid- to full-range coverage for those pesky areas you’d like to keep in check. Go with a well-known brand, such as SPANX, or find a more affordable variation on AliExpress that provides a slimming effect. These control-top panties are perfect for your no-nonsense daily routine and a must-have for that office cocktail party. Let’s face it, everyone needs a little support now and then. The Style: Spandex and cotton are not only comfortable, but will also smooth out your figure so they’re your best bet. And you can never go wrong with the classic black/white option, or skin tone-colored panties.

The Fit: Hipsters, boy shorts & bikinis

Just as the names suggest, these styles offer a mid- to light-range of coverage for that flirty persona. On the other hand, if you prefer things to be more casual and comfortable, the boy shorts panties are the go-to option. You can’t really go wrong with hipsters and bikinis and they provide the optimum amount of coverage that’s both fashionable and practical. The Style: This is your chance to get a little playful — the colors, patterns and sassy prints that you’d find here will keep you entertained and keep others guessing to no end! Cotton, nylon and lace hybrids are also comfortable options, so you’ll have numerous styles to choose from.

The Fit: Cheeky, Thongs & G-strings

Want medium-coverage, but feeling a little cheeky? You guessed it — pick out a pair of cheeky panties that cut off slightly higher on the lower cheek than most styles. Or, if you fear the notorious panty-line, then a thong or G-string are the clear options left and yes, there’s a difference between the two. Thongs are designed to cover your most intimate region while still exposing the bum, and the latter – with slightly less material – are usually selected for those who want to look and feel their sexiest. The Style: You’ll find these fits come in every color and design you can dream up and they range from deep shades to sweet pastels. Sparkles and bedazzled styles are a YES, but of course the lacier the better, in our expert opinion.