Having gained a surge of popularity in the 1870s for its durable texture for laborers, one cannot deny jeans as a fashion staple, especially in men’s fashion. It’s almost certain that every one of us boys has a pair of jeans lying around in the closet, just in different styles and cuttings. Depending on how interesting you want your look to be, check out how to make these denim bottoms work for you.


Right off the bat, it’s gotta be this more traditional cut. We wouldn’t say straight fit jeans are as loose as the 70s’ bell bottoms, but it’s definitely for those of you who want to move freely in this old-school style. As the straight fit flows right from the hips and thighs all the way to the ankles, it won’t be too difficult to pair this with skating shoes for that vintage touch.


On first impression, many might think twice – or thrice – about this option as it can sound inconvenient in daily wear. Luckily, for those who have tried, it’s actually not skin-tight (thank God!). As someone who doesn’t go for mainstream looks, skinny jeans are perfect for urban rebels who wanna wear what they want. In fact, this pair is great with boots!


Not to be confused with skinny fit jeans, the slim cut is trim through the hip, thighs and calves that could be an option for dress-down Fridays at the office. They don’t strangle the knees and calves either, which are huge plus points for those who spends hours sitting down all day. Getting an extra cuff at the ankles is also the icing on the cake, as your classic dress shoes will make any guy look extra dapper.