Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4 グラム
Hello! Thank you. We received the TV box that you sent this afternoon. I installed and debugged at once, and everything was normal. I am very happy that it is an important tool for our old people to kill time and amusement. You are a very good seller credit, service is really good! I'm shopping poor luck, did not use the first two months into the electric circuit problem, when I disappointed to tell the seller seller immediately reply to me, don't worry, I will take the video to him, he went to contact suppliers. When a new one is sent, the machine firmware is not loaded, but a blue screen can only come to logo. The seller contacted the firmware again, but the firmware could not fit in. I was very disappointed. The seller saw my installation video and sent me a new machine, so that I could watch TV at last. If other sellers might lose sight of me. But the seller is different and sticks to the credit. This machine is very good. I have recommended three apartments menber to buy it。